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(Deadly ORgone) and

Pulsed ORgone-Energy / positive orgone energy (PORE)

Although discovering what he called DOR (Deadly ORgone), Wilhelm Reich was unaware that it constantly is transformed back into /positive- healthy orgone as a result of the pulsation of the planetary orgone fields.

If this was not the case, all life on this planet would have choked in deadly orgone / DOR long ago.

In fact, in his work to remove DOR from the atmosphere (Reich made some real path-breaking observations concerning the presence- and absence of DOR in the atmosphere), he grounded it into water, and there ...

Serious DOR problems arise whenever the planetary pulse of orgone energy cannot keep up with the generation of new DOR, as was the case in Wilhelm Reich's famous oranur experiment.

These problems occur in locations with massive "electrosmog," or electromagnetic pollution (EMF pollution) and wherever there is a massive amount of radioactivity present.

For instance, in his oranur experiment, Wilhelm Reich placed a small amount of radioactive material inside a powerful orgone accumulator (orac).
The orgone accumulator was massively infected with DOR being unusable anymore for healing purposes, and had to be dismantled and / or distroyed.


The DOR Generator

Karl Welz
realized that an increase of the orgone pulse not only counteracts the stale DOR, it actually transforms it back into healthy orgone energy (PORE). (!)

Consequently, he invented a DOR Generator that can be turned off at any time.

Wilhelm Reich had built a 20-layer orgone accumulator, into which he put some radioactive material, with the consequence of massive transformation of orgone energy into DOR.
Since he had no means of counteracting DOR nor any knowledge of transforming it back into healthy orgone energy (Positive ORgone Energy), he had to dismantle his orgone accumulators.

Being confronted with the potential of DOR, Karl invented a DOR Generator almost immediately after inventing the orgone generator.
The advantage of such a generator is that it can be turned off with ease, contrary to the orgone accumulator that contained radioactive material in Reich's Oranur experiment.

The effect of the DOR generator on the human being was evident immediately.
Within seconds, bystanders felt pain in their lymph nodes and felt weak, and some felt nauseous or at least very "edgy".

This situation changed immediately whenever a pulsating Orgone Generator® was brought close to the DOR generator.

Contrary to the marketing claims of some thieves of our new technology, orgonite® (a very effective orgone accumulating material, which Karl invented) alone has no effects in counteracting DOR.
Such idiotic claims have more the aspect of being marketing strategies of people whose only skill is to steal ideas and technologies.
To avoid embarrassing statements as to who invented orgonite, some of the thieves went as far as crediting Reich with transforming DOR back into orgone.

In fact, Reich had not the slightest idea that such a thing can be done, and all he knew to do is his method of "grounding" DOR with his cloud busters.

In fact, in the DOR Generator, orgonite® is the major contributing factor to actually generate massive amounts of DOR in my DOR generator.
It acts just like the orgone accumulator with 20 layers that Reich used in his experimentation, the Oranur Experiment, with a lot more effect!

Naturally, in the DOR generator, Orgonite® is more effective and much smaller quantities are needed to generate DOR.

On the other hand any strong orgone accumulator, whether a layered unit or a blob of orgonite® (since I am enforcing the trademark situation by now, it has other names, from "organite" - still similar - to some types of "matrix") works very well accumulating orgone, till it is massively exposed to radiation and other negative environmental factors, as did already the Reichian orgone accumulator.

We repeat: an orgone accumulator needs to be exposed massively to EMF energies to become a center of DOR.

With the pulsating orgone generator® close to it, the DOR that emanated from the DOR generator itself began to pulsate again: it lost its stale characteristics and therefore it was immediately transformed into healthy orgone energy. (!)

Consequently, the feeling of the atmosphere surrounding the device immediately changed from depressive-sickening to uplifting-energizing.

Reich was obviously correct when describing DOR as an orgone energy that has become stale and rigid.
His accumulators, of course, became part of the problem rather than part of the solution.

It took Karl Welz's invention of the orgone generator® to have an effective mean against DOR.

A blob of orgonite in a pendant or an other static orgonite device are nothing more than orgone accumulators, not generators as their marketers claim.

We experienced similar effects when orgone generators® were brought into places that had heavy DOR present such as in rooms with lots of fluorescent tubes and/or computer monitors.
The atmosphere became agreeable almost immediately.

They also work well when brought close to a "fouled up" Reichian orgone accumulator or orgone accumulating blob of orgonite.

The Magnificator

Karl Hans Welz
's DOR Generator can be switched on and off.

It actually generates DOR, besides transforming orgone energy that is present into DOR.
When this device was turned on, most bystanders experienced pain in their lymph nodes within less than a minute.

But, when we put an orgone generator® & chi generator® (emitting pulsed orgone-energy) next to the DOR Generator, this output of DOR is changed back into positive healthy orgone and bystanders felt well immediately.

Naturally, dismantling the devices becomes unnecessary in this case.

The orgone generator® & chi generator® (invented by Karl Hans Welz) proved also very effective in counteracting the DOR generated by electromagnetic pollution, for instance, in areas with massive fluorescent lights (i.e. companies offices).

In fact, seen from this aspect, the coiled-up fluorescent tubes, which are promoted so happily in our days, may be as "energy save" or "energy wise" as much as they are "cancer-foolish".
LED's sure are a much better choice, but that would not pad the pockets of some greedy corporations who have been become quite adept in playing the "green game".

Lets summarizes:

The Inventor, Karl Hans Welz

    was the first person on the planet who
(1) recognized that DOR is transformed back into -positive- healthy orgone on a planetary scale, and who
(2) actually succeeded to transform DOR back into healthy orgone with the help of the orgone generator® & prana generator® & chi generator® what he invented and -constantly- improved.

Orgone accumulators that are labeled "orgone generators" such as blobs of orgonite® in many shapes and arrangements, pyramids, cones, etc., certainly cannot do the trick, unless grounded, and then the DOR is simply grounded, not transformed. (!)
We would certainly refrain from drinking well water in areas where such grounding is done. (!!)

There have been people who wanted to purchase the DOR Generator -and another device- have in our possession that draws orgone energy from any place to which it is pointed (also, at a distance -and, at any distance-!), but these devices are not for sale. (!)


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